True North

True North

A boat with no name.
Sailing, I have been in love it and the notion that when under sail, you are experiencing a very primitive form a transportation. It’s fascinating to think that you can create forward motion when pointed directly into the wind, or as close to the wind as possible. It’s almost a metaphor for life.  Having a clear path that is focused on your “true north” will always get you where you want to go.
Over the years, I have had some experience sailing smaller boats, bareboat charting larger sailboats in the BVI, but realizing that we needed to do something for ourselves, Lisa and I set out to find our next family member.
Last August, we started a new adventure together and purchased a 1977 Catalina 30 sailboat. Not too big, but just the right size that will push us to the edge of our knowledge and experience; something we can love together, something that is a true reflection of where we are in life.


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So with that, we motored up the Thames River to her new home at Crockers Board Yard in New London CT.  The next 2 months, we spent getting to know her systems. We had a few really nice days sailing and I was encouraged by how well she handled. The rigging worked, sails were in pretty good condition. For me, the goal for the remainder of the sailing season would be spent better understanding how she operated, getting Lisa to feel comfortable while under sail and me comfortable docking.  
More to come, including that very long list of projects that friends warned me about, but for now, we are hooked!