A labor of love, or a bit insane?

A labor of love, or a bit insane?

Over the past year, the renovation of the interior of Touch of Grace has been an all consuming project. At the conclusion of the season, I completely removed all the old woodwork, cabinets and anything that needed to be restored to bring a cleaner vision for the interior of Grace that’s been in my mind since the day she was purchased.

With the hope that I labeled hundreds of screws, washers, and oddities, my basement became ground zero for this life-consuming project that spoke to me all winter long from the basement, through the floors, and into my brain like a heavy fog that provided no end in sight.

Little by little, one 8 foot section of molding at a time, March seemed to bring some light at the end to the tunnel. The new teak countertop was finished. Sanding and painting of the cabinets were completed and slowly the woodwork made it’s way to the empty bedroom, a kind of weigh station where I could put some larger pieces together before they made their way back to the boat.

With the weather changing here on Long Island Sound, and the cover removed, the work to paint the empty interior of Grace became the next project. Somehow painting the interior, reconstructing the restored wood, and arranging for a rigging retrofit from Chuck at Sound Rigging before launch day in June just about pushed me over the edge. I just wanted this to be over!

With some help from Lisa, the day came where the interior painting was completed and the piles of woodwork and cabinets could be reinstalled. Through the process of elimination, everything found its way back where it came from; yes some required a bit of elbow grease but it all went together beautifully. The new teak countertop from Joshua Friedman, a local custom cabinet maker in New London turned the entire project around. They came out beautifully!

After gallons and gallons of Pettit paint and tons of other products, everything seemed to be in alignment with launch day. In reflection, the process did give me a sense of pride knowing that I could do the work, and yes I did complain all winter long to the degree that I made people nuts, it’s clearly not something I would ever take on again, regardless of how beautiful she looks now.

I guess in the end, one must consider the amount of time one has, and the relationship to what brings you joy. Overall, I feel joy about what we have created, but clearly as I get older, my views on rest, relaxation and action might be changing as I search for joy in my life.

Now that I have complained about the process, maybe I should share some photos of the interior renovation of Touch of Grace. We broke the mold by painting much of the work to make the interior more bright. I added some personal photos on canvas, new facets in the galley and head and just like that she looks like a new boat.

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