saint clements castle-Portland CT-getting ready photos

A lot of people ask me, what’s your favorite part of the wedding day? That’s easy, it would have to be the getting ready photography. There’s so much to capture, so much going on, it’s really a special time for everyone involved in the wedding.  For a photographer there’s beautiful flowers, shoes, rings and other details that should be captured to document the day, and in some future blog posts I will show off some of those beautiful  details, but for me,  I love to capture interactions between the people that are part of the action.  I love to photograph things as the unfold, like the moment the bride realizes that it’s really happening,  and that in a few minutes, she will make her entrance.  I love to capture relaxed portraits of the guys and ladies looking happy and beautiful, and the little ones  who are thinking that some day, when they get older, will be doing the same thing.  It’s really a magical moment.

My post for today captures the moments of the bride and groom as they go through the process of getting ready with their favorite people, the ones that they have selected  to share their day with.  The venue is the beautiful Saint Clements Castle in Portland Connecticut, a beautiful place atop of the Connecticut River.  As a Connecticut wedding and portrait photographer,  I’m thrilled to be able to do my thing each week at so many great locations, and the Castle is one of my many favorite places to be.

Enjoy the photos!

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Gino - Thanks Pam, it’s a B&W conversion with some tone, but I used a textured mask to get that grain effect, and also burned in the edges.

Pamela Perry - The Brides first look is priceless as is the phone call from behind to the groom. Captured the moment! Lovely photos Gino. Love the Sepia with her victorian gown that is absolutely gorgeous – or did the sepia MAKE it look victorian??? Either way – love.